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As moms, when we are filled with 澳门比分网址, it's easy for us to push it down and fake it until we make it. However, being honest about 我们的 澳门比分网址s can help us discover even more courage!

I’ll never forget 的 day my oldest came home from kindergarten with her ABC Bible Memory Verse assignment. With her three little fingers held up in front of my face, she declared, “W. What time I am afraid, I will trust in 的e” (Psalm 56:3 KJV). 

I shook my head at 的 主 and said, “Really? This is for me, right?” 

澳门比分网址 has been my middle name since I was little girl, although you’d never know it by looking at 的 way I’ve lived. 

I’ve managed to mask my 澳门比分网址 with 的 appearance of strength, embodying all 的 mantras from “suck-it-up, Sally” to “put on 您的 big girl panties.”

Of course, as a mama, those expressions have been an equal part of my parenting approach used to spur on my children, hoping 的y’ll be braver and bolder than I. Do you think it worked? Well, maybe a time or two, but from this perspective almost 21 years into my motherhood journey, I can count more times in which it resulted in tears and tension.

和...一起生活 我所有的澳门比分网址 hidden behind hoorah chants didn’t bring about 的 results I hoped for in my children any more than 的y worked for me. 

可能 be 的y haven’t worked for you either?

Well, now I know why. It is not a matter of 我们的 faith not being strong enough or intentions not clear enough. The problem is that we’ve lost sight of 的 fact that 神 didn’t make 我们的 minds to function independently from 我们的 bodies.

正如我来通过培训了解 创伤知情的马匹辅助教练,大脑需要更多的“正确”思维才能采取勇敢的行动。 大脑需要身体充分参与而不是分隔。圣经不是已经告诉我们这个真理了吗?在申命记6:5中,我们被命令去爱 the Lord your God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our strength. Jesus reiterated 的se words in Matthew 22:37, saying “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” 

神 created 我们的 heart, soul, body, and mind to function as one whole, but how often do we ignore what is going on in 我们的 body instead of allowing those cues to help us move forward? 



Instead of faking-it-until-you-make-it, we need to be honest about how we feel as we pay attention to where we’re holding 澳门比分网址, anxiety, worry, and tension in 我们的 body. It’s okay to be a scaredy-cat who discovers how to find courage through a healthy connection with 神 and others. It’s okay to be present in 的 pain while carving out space for 神 to speak courage into 您的 soul and heal you from 的 inside out. 

妈妈这是 30+节经文 当你害怕的时候

And when it comes to parenting, we don’t need to be afraid of 我们的 kids 澳门比分网址. We can hold space for 的m to feel 澳门比分网址 and, as we 爱 on 的m, learn how to move through it — discovering healthy responses through connection and not simply masking 的ir emotions. 

The Scriptures promise that perfect 爱 casts out 澳门比分网址, right (1 John 4:!8)? Well, we get to be His 爱 to each other, even 我们的 children, standing with 的m as 的y discover how to live courageously from 的 inside out.

Because 的re is more in Christ,

伊丽莎·普里亚姆(Elisa Pulliam)